Hi! I’m Oscar — a product designer
working on systems and interaction between people and software.
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I love creating functional, sustainable and deeply human technology products for a post-digital era.

My design approach tend to include research, interactive prototypes and close engineering collaboration for pragmatic outcomes that stresses the details.

I thrive when following a technology and business case all the way through to a delightful user experience.

On this page I've collected a selection of my work.

Currently I'm making a UI design system for Minecraft

With 100M+ players around the world, how should a UI design system behave that scales across most device types and interaction methods, while keeping the expressive qualities of a game UI intact for the Minecraft design teams?
2018 –
UX design, UI design, Design system and Design tools

Work in progress. Stay tuned for an in-depth look.

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I’m speaking & leading workshops in Prototyping and Innovation
methods, based on research work from my M.Sc thesis

I my final year of design school I completed a Master's thesis about prototyping methods for interaction designers. Since then I have applied my framework in teaching design students and professionals.
2017 –
Facilitator, Speaker


I love to teach and to share thoughts and findings from working as a designer. Recently my talks focuses on prototyping methods and collaboration between designers and engineers in organizations building digital products.

I also run workshops with teams to help grow a deeper understanding of design processes and collaboration methods.

My most recent talks:

• Dribbble Meetup @ Bontouch 2019
• Hyper Island, Design Lead 2019
• UXDX Conference Stockholm 2018

25 Principles

In 2017-2018 I completed a Master's thesis in Interaction Design, while working with Minecraft as a designer. The end result was a card deck, describing 25 techniques for improving prototyping and the surrounding design process.

The card deck was developed through running workshops with design teams at technology companies and startups in Stockholm, together with extensive prototyping work for Minecraft, designing interactions for the game in Framer and Origami Studio.

Previously, I did engineering at YouTube Music
and UX engineering at BandPage
(acquired by Google)

BandPage is a music software startup that enabled half a million artists to manage their data on the major music streaming services. Challenges included a fast paced evolving business that targeted multiple audiences within the dynamic music industry. Many product surface areas required complex UIs and a precise marketing site.
2015 – 2016
UI design, React UI Engineering
Core design challenge
How do you communicate & build tools that capture the value of artist data for the music industry?

Marketing site

Shown here is stages of redesign of the BandPage landing page, featuring a new mobile onboarding with more lucid communication and new value propositions.

Such redesigns were instigated as the startup's audience shifted within the music management industry, ranging from fan-serving products, to tools for indie musicians and to record labels and managers.

Designing and building data tools

One of our main challenges was to enable our users (artists, managers and internal teams) to have control over what was distributed across the BandPage network.

Fast, highly usable and communicative interfaces were crucial to enhance quality of artist profile data, before it got distributed into our complex partner network, and used in very different contexts.

BandPage Editor

I also contributed with design and implementation of a visual redesign of the BandPage editor. This was our main UI used by either artists themselves, managers or partners/labels.

Building in React

At BandPage I also contributed with JavaScript engineering, and building apps in React.

This work was formative for my understanding of working work modern web apps, and the opportunities of collaborating between design and engineering.

YouTube Music

While at BandPage the company was acquired by Google to continue building out the data network and tools with the music team at YouTube.

Within YouTube, our team continued to contribute to YouTube for Artists, a service enabling artists to manage their musical presence on YouTube.

Other projects include woodworking
, VR/AR prototyping
and Interactive experiments

I love to experiment with new tools and technology. In some cases it takes the form of a physical product, such as the Pixel lamp, a recent woodworking and electronics project.
2012 – 2019
Designer, researcher, carpenter and more

Origami Studio – Interaction starters

Starter kits for trying out prototyping with high-fidelity interactivity.

Pixel Light

Building a minimal, LED-lit light surface for mood lighting.


Prototyping street indicators for autonomous vehicles.

Dashboard Avatars

Exploring social interaction for drivers using VR prototypes and driving simulators.

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